• July 16, 2015 at 8:26 am #2099

    After our wedding in 2003, we were very excited about starting a family straight away as I was 30 and wanted to ideally have more than one. However, after one year of trying and no joy, we went along to the doctors to have all the standard tests done and the result was ‘unexplained infertility’. We continued to keep trying naturally but for some reason our baby joy just did not happen. So we started on the long emtional road of fertility treatment starting with clomid and then when this was not successful IVF. By this stage I was 35 and starting to give up ever having my own child. The first IVF did not work, the second cycle did not work the first time but to our absolute delight one of our frozen cycles did give us a positive result and after a very nervous pregnancy at the age of 37 (1 month off 38) our beauiful daughter Annalisa came along. She was our little miracle and what a joy. I was surprised how hard it was being a Mum but have enjoyed the ups and downs she has given me. We did try for a second but after 2 failed IVF’s I feel Annalisa will be our only one. I orignally felt very guilty about this but after coming across this site and meeting other mums of one I feel she will be ok and we are lucky she is a confident little girl and when we go on holiday or playparks she soon makes friends and is not really on her own.

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    Hi Bea,

    Thanks so much for leaving your story! We had unexplained infertility issues too which is so frustrating and can often limit family size but as you say in this modern age onlies aren’t so very lonely and time alone can be a real joy – I wish I had more of it! xx

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