Judgement Day


European Misses
Recently I had a rather bizarre conversation at a party with an extremely good friend of a very old friend of mine (a friend that I have known for a long time rather than an octogenarian). I can’t even remember how it started but I think it might have been down to my excusing the fact I wasn’t wearing hot pants and fishnets (don’t ask) basically because of my muffin top. Tight, elasticated hot pants coupled with a corset is not the best look in the world for anyone over a size 10 i.e. ME and whilst she and my ... Read More

One and done


And so it happened again. Stuck in traffic on the M25 - having ignored my husband’s sage advice not to use it on a hot August Bank Holiday Friday - I was listening to a friend talk on the phone about her awful au pair. Having seen her in action I concurred in all the right places about how bad she was. Moody. Resentful. Appeared to not actually like children. Appalling cook. Untidy. My friend finally concluded her rant with the words – ‘Well, she is an only child you know so she’s obviously spoilt.’ I said nothing but inside ... Read More


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And a VERY warm welcome to all you fellow Mums-Of-One; at last The MOO Exchange is live – hooray! The site was created fundamentally as an online community for all Mums-of-One so that somewhere exists for us all to chat, share, relate and support. Hopefully users will find it a really positive site where they can read about only children, peruse the pages of Celebrity Onlies and MOOs and check out reviews and tips on the Lifestyle page. If you like this site, then do please follow me on Twitter and tell all your fellow MOOs about it! www.themooexchange.com @themooexchange